As One Touch Ministries is called to “touch and heal the souls of women and minister to the souls of men”, we realize that prayer is essential to bringing the manifestations of God’s will to the earth. In October 2020, Pastor Kimbla reached out to the sisters of One Touch to volunteer to pray evangelistically,  and to pray for the various crises (racial, economic, political, and the pandemic) in our country.  This year, 2021, we will develop various types of prayer times and devotionals.  Prayer is always needed as the scripture has said, “And He, Jesus, spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not faint.” The prescription for not fainting is praying.  Join us. Submit your prayer requests here.

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  1. Praise God Pastor Kimberly your website is wonderful!!!! I truly enjoyed it and look forward to all the wonderful things God is going to do for One Touch WMI!!!!

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