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OTWMI Theme Flyer 2017

We are STRONG in the Lord and in the POWER of His might. We celebrate 20 Years of ministry believing that the BEST is yet to come. Our founder, Kimbla G. Eaton is looking forward to many more years of servant-leadership.

Armed with POWER – 20/20 Vision

Ephesian 6

August is our 20th ANNIVERSARY –  We spent five (5) victorious days in Dallas Texas celebrating at MEGAfest, participating in “Woman Thou Art Loose,” which is where it all began for One Touch WMI in 1997.  As with our founder’s experience in 1997, she has come back bursting with JOY to fulfill what God birthed.  Each preacher, each teacher, each prophet spoke prophetically into One Touch as lead by Holy Spirit.  We soar, we conquer, we get it done.

Our theme for the year is , “Armed with Power!” This is a demonstration of what God has done, will do, and can do.  Please join us for our various 20/20 anniversary celebrations throughout the remainder of the year.  We anticipate miracles, opportunities, healing, revival, and MUCH MORE all over the course of the next five months.  Watch our Facebook page, our Twitter page, and our calendar.  One Touch Movie Experiences is coming up with walk-through ministry from our founder.  We will also celebrate Tea Time in December, a One Touch Signature event – you do not want to miss this event if you like kingdom class and sophistication.

Please contact us if you want to join us.  Leave us a message here, call us (919) 606-8284, or email us at

We love you in the Lord…Please get that One Touch from Jesus today for the V-I-C-T-O-R-Y!

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