Welcome to One Touch…a ministry designed to touch and heal

One Touch Women’s Ministry International

“Something You Should Know”

Serving Women Since 1997 and Men since 2006

As I was sitting in the Georgia Dome at the Woman Thou Art Loosed Conference 1997, One Touch Women’s Ministry was birth (becoming One Touch Women’s Ministry International January 2004).  Bishop T. D. Jakes was ministering to the 80,000 women who had gathered to receive spiritual impartation via his God-ordained ministry, Woman Thou Art Loosed.  It was evident that the preachers and pastors (I am sure husbands and boyfriends too, sons and daughters – and anyone who could not stand to have all that attention on one person) had been in concert trying to hinder this dynamic man of God.  He made many statements regarding recent attacks that had been launched against the conference…BUT God!

 Bishop Jakes was boldly declaring that yes, He who had begun a good work in him was going to be faithful to complete it.  So, he served notice to those who were critical saying things like, “how many times do you have to be loosed,” “why do you continue to go a conference held by the same person each year,” “why is he coming to Atlanta,” “why does he have women coming from all over the world to hear him say something their pastor can say?”  The comments went on and on…however, Bishop was not stopped but increased, in Jesus’ name.  Then Man Power was birth and God’s Leading Ladies came next.  Personally, I feel Woman Thou Art Loosed should continue because there are people who have been following and attending BUT their loosening may not have occurred yet.  When I say their loosening, I am not speaking of their salvation or even their sanctification or level of holiness; I am speaking of their destiny in ministry and fulfilling God’s purpose in their lives.  Do you know that you can be saved, sanctified and filled with God’s precious Holy Ghost and not be walking in your calling? It was Bishop Jakes and Woman Thou Art Loosed who God used to do the Loosed I was destined to hear it (though I was left strained by those I had taken the trip with, left in Atlanta without a ride home to North Carolina, read about it in Who Touched Me?)…BUT God!

What you must know is that this very same week in April 1993, I attended the first North Carolina Woman Thou Art Loosed conference at a small church inGreensboro.  There were approximately 150 women in attendance, and four years later I was sitting in the Georgia Dome with 79,999 other women listening to the same preacher (back then he was only know as T.D. Jakes not Bishop).  This HISTORY is POWERFUL to my mind and my spirit, to my hope, and to the vision.  I don’t know the connection, yet I know there is a connection.  I’ll just watch God as He moves.

My spiritual leader, Pastor A. F. Eaton, has always given his blessings for me to attend various spiritual development events, these I am sure have been the most beneficial and have caused me to take those home lessons and apply them nationally.  I salute these two POWERFUL MEN of GOD and decree God’s blessings even the more upon them.  Please also note that Pastor AF Eaton is also the one who planted (continues to plant) and watered (continues to water) all of what God has in store for me.


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